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Gates has recently released the latest Hydraulic & Fleet Hose Products catalogue. The new catalogue covers a full range of Gates hydraulic products with additional application specific heavy-duty and industrial hose products.

The new catalogue is a fantastic resource covering a number of useful topics including:

  • Hydraulic and Fleet hose products
  • Couplings and adapters
  • Crimpers and equipment
  • Resources including:
    • Hose selection
    • Assembly
    • Coupling selection
    • Hose and coupling Identification
    • Torque recommendations
    • Conversion charts

You can download the catalogue below:

You can read more about our hose and capability’s here or contact us


Gates Braided Hose Manufacture

Ever wondered how Gates 1 or 2 wire braided hose is manufactured?

See a short clip below showing the braiding machine in action.



Were ever possible we use Gates hose and fittings due to there unparalleled quality and durability.

See some of our range of Gates Braided Hose and  MegaCrimp Couplings on our fluid connectors product pages or Contact Us any time.

And remember that Gates eCrimp provides the most up-to-date crimp specifications for all Gates hose and fitting combinations.


The Gates MegaCrimp couplings give you a leak-proof seal that’s so innovative, it’s patented*. During testing, it surpassed one million impulse cycles.  MegaCrimp couplings set a new standard for hydraulic couplings. The unique “C” insert ensures “weep-free” concentric crimping to keep equipment and the environment clean.

FULL-TORQUE NUT™ DESIGN – One of the most common causes of hydraulic leaks is a cracked coupling nut or seat due to over-torquing by a strong-armed worker. Gates has engineered a solution – Full-Torque Nut™ technology now available on Gates MegaCrimp and GlobalSpiral® couplings.


Electronic Hose Crimp Data

Gates eCrimp™ database allows Gates end users and distributors to find and print the most up-to-date crimp specifications for Gates hydraulic and industrial hose products. It provides crimping instructions, crimp diameter, maintenance, and troubleshooting information.

Access Gates eCrimp here –

Guide to using eCrimp™ to find you crimp diameter and ferrule required

  • Select your Hose. eg. G2, M3K, M4K, M5K, EFG4K, EFG6K
  • Select your Dash size.  eg. -06, -08, -32
  • Select your Stem type.
    • Megacrimp™ = G
    • GlobalSpiral™ = GS
    • GlobalSpiral Plus™ = GSP
    • GlobalSpiral Maximum™ = GSM
    • Stainless steel = S-SS
  • Click view results.


For assistance using the eCrimp™ application or selecting the correct hose and fitting combination  Contact US

Example shown for EFG4K-12 hose with GS hose stems giving a crimp diameter of 37.60mm using GS-12GS1F-4 ferrules.

eCrimp example