MJ Hydraulic in Clontarf on the Redcliffe Peninsula, has a fully equipped workshop to handle all hydraulic cylinder repairs, and by all, we mean Agricultural, Mining, Industrial or OEM hydraulic cylinders and Hydraulic Rams up 700 Bar working pressure. We even repair, test and supply Tie rod industrial cylinders

hydraulic cylinder repairOur experienced Hydraulic technicians will completely overhaul and repair your hydraulic Actuators, not only resealing and repairing the component that failed but looking for the root cause of any failure. As all repairs are carried out in house, we keep you in control and remove the delays often involved with sub-contractors.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs
Hydraulic cylinders are repaired using our purpose built strip down and repair bench. For those hard to remove piston nuts and glands we have a hydraulic nut cracker with an output force of 60000 Nm, this is particular suited to Caterpillar and Komatsu style excavator cylinders. All cylinders are checked for the correct internal clearances and tolerances to ensure that it is only repaired once.

Hydraulic Cylinder Supply
Using our purpose built facilities we can undertake the repair of any brand of hydraulic component or equipment. To ask us how we can help you with Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs please contact us today.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs or Hydraulic Ram service from the Hydraulic Repair Specialists
We are experts in the maintenance as well as repair of All Hydraulic Actuators and Systems. MJ Hydraulic customers have always demanded cylinder repairs that last. Our workshop is well equipped to safely repair the most challenging Hydraulic cylinder. We rebuild, repair, service and test heavy duty cylinders, Tie Rod cylinders, Agricultural cylinders, Marine cylinders, mill cylinders, telescopic cylinders and special purpose cylinders.

Tie Rod Cylinders
We are able to repair Parker Tie Rod Cylinders, Rexroth Tierod Cylinders, and the popular Vickers Tie Rod Cylinders. In many cases the seal kits are in stock and the repair or reseal of the tie Rod design cylinder is effected within a very short time frame, followed by a live test on our test rig.

Industrial Cylinders – Mobile Cylinders
We are able to repair ., repair and reseal Industrial Cylinders and Mobile Cylinders. Cylinders for Garbage Compactors, Lifting equipment. Cylinders for all applications. In many cases the seal kits are in stock and the repair or reseal of the cylinder is effected within a very short time frame, followed by a live test on our test rig.

Hydraulic Cylinder Components
We carry an extensive range of hydraulic cylinder components, including Hard Chrome Rod material, which allows us to repair, rebuild or just plainly fix any damaged or broken hydraulic cylinder.

New Hydraulic Cylinder Design and Sales

We are able to supply and fit new hydraulic cylinders to suit any requirement. We can even design the cylinder to suit your application.

Our hydraulic cylinder repair work is designed for high quality and also the peace of mind of the thorough or testing and work guarantee.

Step 1: Clean and Prepare
Cleaning and preparing the hydraulic cylinders for assessment

Step 2: Cylinder Strip and Assessment

Our procedure starts with a comprehensive evaluation of the cylinder problem. We do a detailed assessment of your cylinder and its condition, including measurement, if required a pre-test, where applicable a NDT and failure analysis. Our workshop is fitted with suitable lifting equipment, strip bench and nut cracking attachments which enables us to strip and assess your cylinder before repairs start.

Step 3: Cylinder tube Design Enhancement

Persistent Cylinder barrel, seal or rod issues are commonly the outcome of insufficient design and/or poor previous repairs; this usually brings about untimely failing and also increased downtime. Enhancements in design, materials seal options and specifications, will increase uptime and also create ongoing financial savings.

Step 4: Cylinder Rod Repairs

Our Rod chroming partner has been selected for consistent fast turnaround and continued high quality results. Our preference is where possible to grind, hard chrome and regrind the rods to a minimum 0.002Thou tolerance which delivers you maximum durability and enhanced corrosion resistance. Whilst other repairers may hand linnish and/or just flash chrome rods to minimise yours and their costs. We always will give you the option of the process and the relative costs involved.

Step 5: Cylinder Component Remanufacture

Sometimes failure means that we need to source or manufacture brand new Components. Where possible we do this inhouse to speed the process up, we can manufacture new Piston Rods, piston, barrel, Glands, clevis, trunnions or end-caps

Step 6: Rewelding
We have the capabilities to conduct Cylinder welding Repairs capacities include use of MIG, TIG as well as Traditional Welding methods

Step 7: Assembly, Testing and Painting

MJ Hydraulic Clontarf Assemble, Test and Paint all cylinders before they are dispatched. That means that your cylider works to the original specifications or better before it leaves our workshop. Giving you peace of mind that it works properly.

To ask us how we can help you with Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs please contact us today.