Hydraulic Repairs
workshop_repairs-200x167MJ Hydraulic have a fully equipped workshop to handle all hydraulic repairs to hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and valves up 700 Bar working pressure. Our experienced service technicians assist you with complete overhaul and repair of all of your hydraulic components, not only repairing the component but looking for the root cause of any failure. We offer all model Hydraulic Repairs, Hydraulic service on your components or Systems, and our mobile hydraulic repair service. Let us look after your complete hydraulic service needs with our hydraulic repair service and hydraulic pump repairs. Our in-house hydraulic test bench has been designed to test all hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and closed loop hydraulic system components. All repairs are carried out in house, keeping you in control and removing the delays involved with sub-contractors.



Hydraulic Pump Repairs
jacon-transmix-pump-set-a4vg250-a10vg63-a10v028-300x134Hydraulic pumps and motors are tested on our 135 Kw test bench cable of testing open and closed loop pumps and motors up to 350 Bar with facility to record and chart multiple channels of pressure, flow and temperature. All pumps and motors were possible are checked against the manufacturers specifications for dimensional and output tolerances when they are available. Our hydraulic repair service will test your pump or motor or component on site and if required, remove that component and bring it back to the workshop to test, repair and retest. Achieving factory original settings and performance from the refurbished hydraulic components.




Hydraulic Cylinders are repaired using our purpose built strip down and repair bench.  For those hard to remove piston nuts and glands we have a hydraulic nut cracker with an output force of 60000 Nm, this is particular suited to Caterpillar and Komatsu style excavator cylinders. All cylinders are checked for the correct internal clearances and tolerances to ensure that it is only repaired once.



sauer-danfoss-pvg32-valve-300x217Hydraulic Valve repairs are all completed in house and all are checked for the correct clearances and tolerances prior to assembly and testing. Our 135 Kw test bench is used to test valves to their full capacity ensuring that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.






Hydraulic Repairs
Using our purpose built facilities we can undertake the repair of any brand of hydraulic component or equipment. To ask us how we can help you with hydraulic workshop repairs please contact us today.