SGX Spiralguard

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SGX Spiralguard

  • Suitable for the protection of most types of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose assemblies across a wide range of industries
  • Excellent recovery memory to maximise the covering of the hose
  • Exceptional anti-crushing performance
  • High abrasion resistance and good resistance to UV rays
  • Easy to fit – reduces risk of industrial injury
  • Operating temperature: minimum -65°C, continuous +90°C, max +100°C
  • Suitable for wrapping single hoses or multiple-hose looms
  • Proven in arduous conditions
  • Conveniently coiled and packed in cartons for easy storage


MJ Hydraulic Part Number APPLICATION Standard carton size
I.D. Hose OD Range
SGX-12 12mm 9mm-12mm 20m
SGX-16 16mm 12mm-17mm 20m
SGX-20 20mm 16mm-22mm 20m
SGX-25 25mm 22mm-28mm 20m
SGX-32 32mm 27mm-33mm 20m
SGX-40 40mm 33mm-42mm 20m
SGX-50 50mm 42mm-55mm 20m
SGX-75 75mm 65mm-80mm 20m
SGX-90 90mm 80mm-150mm 20m
SGX-110 110mm > 150mm 10m

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SGX-12, SGX-16, SGX-20, SGX-25, SGX-32, SGX-40, SGX-50, SGX-75, SGX-90, SGX-110


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