MJ Hydraulic has vast experience in carrying out repairs to Sandvik Drifters and Rock drills.
With experience repairing HL500, HL510, HLX5D, HLX5T, HL600, HL1000 and HL1010 Drifters we can help you maintain maximum up time of your drill while minimising the repair and down time costs associated with the regular overhauls required for these units.

Drifter Repair
All Drifters are stripped, cleaned and inspected on arrival to ensure that they are within the manufacturer’s specifications prior to assembly.
Components which can be cost effectively re-machined are and only OEM components are used as replacement parts.

Rockdrill Repairs
Each Drifter is then independently tested with a test report issued detailing all machining, parts used and test results.


We keep individual records for all Drifters repaired so that the unit can be monitored over its lifetime.
Our method of repairing Drifters ensures the greatest amount of machine up time while ensure that maintenance costs are keep to a minimum.

To ask us how we can help you with Drifter Repairs and Overhaul please contact us today.