Bladder Accumulators

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Product Description

STAUFF bladder accumulator assemblies consist of three key components; shell, bladder, oil port assembly, and are available in sizes 1 – 55 Ltrs with pressures up to 400 bar. STAUFF bladder accumulators can be used in applications such as pulsation dampening, surge alleviation, thermal expansion and energy storage. STAUFF bladder accumulators comply with AS1210 standards and are suitable in all states of Australia, New Zealand and accepted throughout Asia.

  • Bladder Accumulator Assembly NBR Bladder – Carbon Steel BSPP Flat Face Fluid Port 1/4″ Gas Valve offered in selection.
  • Port adapter required.


We can supply and charge your accumulators in our workshop or onsite, Contact us.

▪ Meets AS1210 and ASME VII Div 1 specifications
▪ Full flow fluid port
▪ STAUFF Test coupling and Integrated gas valve options
▪ Standard Nitrile rubber high strength bladder
▪ High flow bladder / port design
▪ Bottom repairable accumulators
▪ High strength chrome molybdenum / alloy steel shell
▪ Corrosion resistant black acrylic polyurethane coating
▪ 4:1 design factor at normal operating pressures
▪ Interchangeable with most competitors’ units
▪ Fluid port assembly high grade steel, zinc plated
▪ Fluid bleed port connection supplied standard with STAUFF Test coupling
▪ Available with foreign certificates (upon request)
▪ Assembled and tested in Australia

Technical Data
▪ Range of connections from G3/4″ to 2″ BSPP and 1.1/2″ SAE flange
▪ NBR diaphragm material (standard)
▪ Maximum compression ratio of 4:1
▪ Operating temperature shell -40°C …+93°C
▪ Operating temperature bladder – according to material used
▪ Operating pressure to 360 Bar AS1210 (standard) 4,000 PSI ASME APP 22 (standard)
▪ Capacity up to 55 Ltrs
▪ Bladder compatibility to most common fluids
▪ Fluid bleed port connection G1/4″

▪ Housing materials
▪ Fluid port options
▪ Gas valve options
▪ Bladder materials
▪ Private branding options
▪ Brackets, charging kits and accessories

▪ Mobile and stationary hydraulic systems
▪ Test benches
▪ Light & heavy industrial plants
▪ Transport equipment

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